Leanne Garrels, Art Element. Contrast: Opposites, such as light and dark, rough and smooth, soft and hard, in close proximity

There really cool contrast in color between the two sculptures.
There is contrast between the pink and black, but also in the texture because one part is very obvious where as the other side is almost bland.
There is much contrast between the white and the obvious black lines.
There is contrast in this black trees and white ground.
There is contrast because it is black and white, and it makes the waterfall a lot more important.
I think there is contrast between the light and dark blue. It makes the water look more real.
Contrast between the road and the grass fields, makes the road more of the focus in the picture.
There is black and white contrast between the building and pole.
Majore contrast between the black and white! super cool!
Credits: All media
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