a retrospect of CHINA

I carefully chose images to show the ancient China and those art materials they created. China is my homeland, I know nothing more about my motherland. Let me show you a retrospect of China.

This is an object made by Bronze, square-holed and made very early in Shang Dynasty. At that time people may use these kinds of objects as money to exchange materials or foods.
This is a really big gold mask which was made during Zhou Dynasty. As it was made very early and there were no hi-tech tools to help, it is almost perfectly done with the eyes and the holes on ears.
This is a Jar made during Qing Dynasty, the last Dynasty of China so this is perfectly well done with the body the neck and those two ears of the jar. Deep blue color with shinning glaze.
This vase was made with China and gold, the color was mixed well within it. Waves like gold part and the round China part were combined together.
This is a typical Chinese style painting, my grandma is still painting like that. It shows you the landscape and there is a man fishing there on the river.
This is a stature of Guan Yin, she might be a sign of Chinese Buddhist, and this one is called Guan Yin Song Zi, which means she would give people children.
This is a painting of those ministers in old China. other than the clothes, their hat might be a sign for them. It is round and with a red top and black end.
This is a typical Chinese hand writing in Qing Dynasty. Those Chinese words were written by writing brush instead of pen, basically it is like painting those words on a yellow paper.
This ewer was made during Qing Dynasty, because of strike of western countries, those objects look like a Chinese base with some western add-ons.
The dragon robe, the cloth for the king of China. In China dragon means the power on the top, and red orange means propitious so that is why this was made in this way.
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