Art Principles

Isaiah Portillo

Balance- This painting has approximate balance which is a form of balance. Where if you cut down the middle of the rubix cube and you will have the same amount of rubix cubes on each side.
Repetition- This artwork has a pattern using the same pattern throughout the painting and pattern is a repititon
Emphasis- This artwork has a lot of goats centered in the middle of the painting and has some goats not in the middle which shows emphasis because there is a dominate point.
Contrast- There is a lot of texture and a lot of different shading in this art work so it shows Contrast.
Unity- In this painting the blue is used every where in the painting allowing it to be a Unity principal.
Proportion- This shows proportion because the size of the man is a lot smaller compared to the the horse he is riding on.
Variety- This painting has a lot of variety of colors and different items that are used in this artwork so its a variety of colors and different items.
Movement- This painting has movement because the man is moving away from whee he is and he is moving in the painting and it shows a lot of detail.
Credits: All media
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