As  a new mother I found this theme remarkably beautiful. The love that can be shared with someone else is truly a beautiful thing to witness. These pieces are moving and immaculate.

This painting shows a young Mary caring for the baby Jesus. I chose this piece because the love between them is moving. I can sense the love that they have for one another.
This picture shows the virgin Mary with her son. I chose this Picture because I found it humorous. I see it as a mother at her wits ends, and that is something I can relate to at times.
This picture shows a mother and her young son. I chose this picture because it shows the admiration that the child has for his mother. It shows a child's unconditional love.
This picture is a mother and son. I chose this picture because it shows the care and affection that she feels for this child.
This is a picture of a mother and child. This is my favorite painting. They both seem so peaceful and at ease with one another.
This is a painting of a mother and her son. I chose this picture because I feel like it shows the mothers will to teach him new things.
This is a mother breast feeding her child. I chose this painting because the mother seems in tune with the child, and it shows the intimacy that is associated with breastfeeding.
This is a painting of the virgin Mary with the baby Jesus surrounded by angels. I chose this painting because of the admiration that they all seem to have for the baby Jesus.
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