Life during depression

jayson goplin

It was d dust storm that was a social distster in the 1930s that was a natrual distaet.This was a severe drought. No farming was happing inn this time.All the grass turned to desert like.
Is a settlement of of plywood, corrugated metal sheets and plastic.This is a run down town that barely has running water and a working sewer.You will see these in beat up countries that are poor
Was a series of programs that were passed bt the congress. from 1929 to 1933 manufactring output decresed by one third.This tried to help unelpoyed americans in poverty.
This is a line given to the people who are poor and in poverty. In this line you have bread and other things to eat that is state aid to feed the americans.This bread line is for familes who dont have enough money for meals.
A soup kitchen is food offerd to the hungry for free.These are located in low income nebiotrhoods.These are raised by the state and chsaritys.They usally serve soup with some bread ands maybe a cup of juice.
Hobos are homeless people around the 1890s.Hobos are travling workers looking to work.Hobos usally worked on the railroads.Most hobos will travel by train and try to find a jb could freeze to death by winter.
This is a dam in black caynon of the colorado river.This was built in 1930 by thousands of workers and over a hundred lives.This was the biggest concrete project ever built.Millions of people tour to it each year.
Bonus army is a march of 17,000 WW1 vetarans.Many of the vetrans were off work when they came home after the war.This gave a lot of retired vets beafits and certifactes that helps them get a job.A bill passes in 1924 to give them these benafits.
Civil Conservation corps was was a public relief program.This was for unmarried men and uneployed men from the new deal act.This was manuel labor jobs.The men were housed and fed and brought home 30$ a month to be sent home to their familys.
Agricultural adjustment act was a fedral law of the new deal.Farmers were payed not to plant on a certian part of land to kill livestock.This was to raise the value of crops.During the great depression famrers and sharecroppers was at a all time low.
Dorothea lange was a famues documentry photographer.She took a lot of pictures during the great depression.She took pictiures of the poor to display on how hard times were.She should her country the pictures of starvation and her country reacted right away.
Migrant mother is a picture of a mother in greast dpression. The picture is from Dorothea lange. The famues picture captures the moment of what it is like for a mother in depression.The picture was taken when the mother was travling to get work in a leteuce field.
Was the largest new deal agency.This employed millions of uneplyoed people.These jobs were manuel labor like construction.During this time almost every community had a new road or park.Full employed ment reached in 1942
wagner act was was right guarneteed rights to union workers.This gave the workers to support their rights.This gave the employer the right to join a trade union.This made unoon workers confience to refuse the things they dont want.
Tennessee Vally Authority was a fedral owned corpration by the US.This provided flood control and econoimc devolpemt and many more durin g the great depression.Familys were surviving non a 100$ a year.
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