Blue gives calm and cool emotion 

By:Joseph Traina

The river of blue gives the painting a calm mood.
The blue of the lights and the stage give you a peaceful escape
The blue wave brings peace and calm to the art wall
The blue mask makes the art of the mask less threatening
The greenish blue of the face gives it a peaceful underwater look.
The blue of the hands and water give the hands a gentle look.
The blue of the lizard give him a peaceful and topical mood.
The blue of each butterfly gives beauty and peace to each one
The blue of the whole wall give it a calm and gentle look.
The blue of the man gives him a distant but calm look even with a unmoving face.
The cool mood of the blue give the plate a gentle meaning
The whole painting of blue gives you a peaceful mood.
The blue of the sky and back give the cool mood to complete the mood.
The blue of the trees and background makes it peaceful to look at.
The cool blue mountains give peace
Credits: All media
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