The other interpretation - people are people

These pictures represent what The Other meant to me.

Everybody needs to eat food, and everybody needs to drink water. Those are only the obvious similarities that all humans share, but there is so much more. I am always discovering things that I do or think that I thought were unique to me being replicated by others. We are more alike than we think.
Not feeling alone is important to a person being mentally healthy. Someone is not as likely to lash out at others when they feel secure and have companionship.
I think if people were more grateful about their lives and what they have, even if what they have wasn't so great, people would be happier and less likely to commit violence and crime.
The abstractness of this painting symbolizes the understanding of how we perceive enemies or people we don't like. We do not completely understand their motives or their intentions which is why we see them as so different, when in reality they are quite similar.
People have differences and there are many ways to live with those differences. We have many tools at our disposal to deal with our problems.
People's beliefs are probably the most differentiating factor between human beings that causes the most problems and disputes. Most of the time religion is a persons most prominent basis for their beliefs, especially when speaking of extremists.
I see the other in this painting, because of the differences between the statues. One is black and one is white, alluding to the conflicts between races, but because they are statues there is no conflict.
This picture represents the other to me because of the idea behind it. Someone would not expect an abandoned building to reveal such beauty as these petals are blown with the wind.
The paint streaming over the boys face to me symbolizes that the artist is not ready to face that person because of their differences. They do not feel comfortable around the person so the most personal aspect, the face.
When I look at this piece of art I am sort of disgusted by the strange color of the men and the fact that they are wearing basically no clothes. But within the group they are all happy because they are all the same.
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