i like the realism of this watercolor painting. the artist used alot of variety in the brush strokes and perspective. The waves are all leading you to look far of in the distance.
I love this painting because although the colors are intense the artist found another way of showing the viewer what he wants you to see. The colors of the trees further in the distance are lighter than he ones near the front
He uses perspective to make you see his main object. The two side buildings lead you to the cathedral and his arm is also leading you there. There is contrast between his arm and the side buildings. i love how the arm makes the artwork have so much meaning and without it it would just be the cathedral.
the contrast between the river and the trees is just beautiful. I think this is one of my favorite artworks. the intensity of the trees compared to those of the river are really different. Its hard to not look at this artwork.
this artwork simply contains rooftops and snow however the fact that some of the rooftops stick out in some places more than others makes is interesting. all the rooftops eventually lead you to the building in the far end. Its a different way of using linear perspective.
I think that his main object is the mountain. the two different colors of the trees make your eyes fight between which one to look at though. I love thats why you eventually end up looking at the mountain.
the way the artist made the little island in the near center become the main object is very strategic. Not only does he use contrast to make the island stand out but he used the edge of the tree and the edge of the land in the top.
The artist used a different way of making the main object. Although he covered the farm with the trees in front the brightness of the farm stands out from all the green. also the little path leads you to the farm. The distortion and the variety of the trees make this artwork really interesting to look at.
what i enjoy about this artwork is the color and the many different mark makings he has.He really knew how to use perspective. The things in the distance slowly start to fade in the distance as well as the floor and the tree trunks.
i like this mainly because of the fire. it creates all those different shadows everywhere as the flames move. I find it to be really intriguing that this artist did all those different clothes. i like the contrast he made between the left side of the artwork and the right.
I love the trees and the ocean. The change of color in the waves is really pretty. The trees also they are each so unique you dont know where each three branch is going. I like how the color of the ocean is so different from the trees that it makes both stand out.
There is alot of variation in this artwork both in the color and in the lines. I love how the background is so dark that the hair stands out. Since it is falling like that it looks creepy but thats when you realize she is holding the body! I love it.
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