emphasis/focal point

This image has a single focal point that draws maximum attention to the person everyone is holding onto. The contrast of the lighter skin color is what draws the attention.
The use of directional lines in this image direct our gaze to the man in the center of the image as well as the yellow light behind the man.
The contrast of the fire and the light the fire gives off directs our gaze to the fire in the center of the picture. Also, everyone in the image is directing their attention to the fire.
The contrast of light and directional lines direct our attention to the person floating in the sky.
The contrast of colors direct our attention to the tree as the focal point. The tree is lighter than the rest of the image.
The contrast of light shining through the clouds is the main focal point. The sunshine immediately draws my attention.
This image has multiple (3) focal points. All 3 faces are focal points of this image. This artist chose to use 3 focal points instead of one to change the particular concepts in wish they want to communicate.
The red bird is the focal point in this image because of the color contrast. The image is based on neutral colors but the bird is red, directing our attention to it.
This landscape draws our attention to the light shining at the people making them the focal point of the image.
The bird is the focal point of this image. The use of directional lines indicate this. The woman on the bottom left is pointing to the bird with the flowers and the smaller image on the top left is pointing to the direction of the bird.
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