Practice Gallery

By: Nathan M.

In the Starry Night the artist uses swirled lines in his drawing. For shape he uses circles to make the image pop out. He uses may colors to give a variety. The texture looks soft. There is some form but not much. Little value. Little space.
The artist is using lines to show a dripping face. The head is kind of an oval shape. There is a faint red and black in the portrait a little bit of white as well. The texture looks wet. Barely any form. Little to no shading. No space.
This artist uses lines to form the trees as well as some of the ground. He uses shape to make trees as well, also it forms the ground. He uses color to differentiate the trees from the ground. The texture is woody. The form shows trees all the way in the back. There is little value in the trees. The space has trees spaces apart.
Credits: All media
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