The color blue used in art

In this gallery, I have chosen 15 paintings with the color blue as the main focus of the paintings. There are many colors such as red or orange which represent warmness and many other things. I want to show how blue can be used in the same way as well or also the opposite.

Looking at this painting I feel that Cubism was used. The colors are very strong. After looking at it you may be able to point out some forms of some type of structure. The red in the image may be the ground while the blue makes up the cathedral.
This I will say is a great example of Abstract art. With blue being the main focus in this painting there is some red and yellow along with other shades of blue. Dark blue and also cool blue.
This painting is called the blue rider. In a way I guess this can also be abstract. A few colors other then blue are used such as red, orange, and green. The two forms in the center of the image look like animals horses maybe.
This painting is very interesting and expressive. I feel like I'm looking under a microscope and looking at different organisms in this painting. so many little designs in so much blue.
I'm not sure why but this painting seems dark. The blue colors used in the painting kind of seem like they were used to be in a dark way. Almost sad maybe. Bleeding Blue Hanger as it looks like the shadow of the hanger is melting or "bleeding." Maybe a mixture of red and blue were used because its like a purplish color. Maybe this painting would be considered surreal.
The flower clouds looks very nice and feels warm in a way. with the colors used maybe its the boat sailing into the night, which would be the blue used in the painting while the red and orange "clouds" represent the sunset.
This painting feels very cold. The way the blue and green are used it feels frozen. The people in the painting also look to be emotionless as they work.
The blue is kind f overwhelming in this painting. Even though the painting is called Blue night, it feels so warm! The blue used is such a strong color it doesn't feel cool at all. And with the trees and butterflies and the bright moon it makes it even brighter.
Another painting that feels warm. Even though the blue is used as the river and also as shadows it seems very warm.It's a very nice painting!
This painting called Breakfast seems almost sad. The way the blue is used in the painting it almost feels like maybe something dark has happened. Especially since the 3 people in the painting look unhappy, and emotionless. Maybe the artist who painted this was representing a death that happened? I'm unsure, but the blue in the painting used gives it a very sad view.
While looking at this painting it feels warm but also in a cool way. Maybe the starting of winter. The blue that is used for the ocean really stands out along with the two people in blue. It almost looks like one person is kneeling while holding the others hand. I see blue used in the entire painting. Maybe mixed with grey. Again it feels warm yet also cool at the same time.
This painting seems dark in a way since it looks like the sun is setting. Not in a bad way though. The blue isn't exactly a bright blue like some of the other paintings but its there as like a shadow in the sky.
This painting is very nice. Seeing as its called In the morning, the painting must have been done just then. The sun comes out and lights everything up. The flowers bloom and the blue water looks like its sparkling in a way. It's very nice and cool.
The blue in this painting makes it look bright. With the sky and the water its very bright. You can see the reflection of the sky and the trees and everything else in the deep blue water as well.
This painting is of waterlilies on a light coolish looking blue lake or pond. The colors are very light and cool, and towards the front it gets darker which is maybe a deeper part of the pond.It blends well with the painting along with the light green waterlilies.
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