Art Element


Primary colors within the circular boundary mimics a color wheel with a surprising splash of green (secondary color).
Different hues of blue and varied strokes of primary yellow adds a sense of movement and texture to the night sky.
Analogous cool colors create calm scene of water and resting lily pads. Different hues of blue create a sense of movement or glistening of the water.
Complementary colors of deep red and varying shades of green perfectly depicts a fall day.
Dominant yellow and secondary pink colors create a unique positive and negative space that depict words juxtaposed against a bold and striking black and white figure makes the viewer stop and pause.
Earth tones, low intensity colors create dreary mood
Deep hues of red contrasted against black creates intensified and foreboding scene.
Monochromatic; different shades of warm primary blue depict scene at the baths
Shades of brown earth tones are contrasted by various repeating patters and textures
Primary colors- yellow against blue adds stark contrast with light brushes of another primary color-red.
Various shades of blue, gray, black are used to create a geometric patterns and shapes seemingly chaotic but harmonious because of the colors used.