I am not sure who the people were whom are the subjects of this statue, but I in interested by how of the statue is and the fact that while the details are simple the basic features of the human body seem to be shown accurately.
This statues was made by an unknown author of a God or Godess, though I find in difficult to tell exactly which. I thought the details of the statue were gorgeous, particularly over the cloth of the legs an the stand the subject is standing upon.
Not much information is given about this sculpture beyond that it is made from bronze and from the United Kingdom. I found the thoughtful, almost mournfiul pose she is sitting in alluring and was interested in what seemed to be the additional details of the muscles along her side.
this is another statue of what I assume is a religious figure. What attracted me most to it was the usual figure and motion in it.
I loved that this statue was pure white, bringing further attention to the nature of the angel. I also love angels and fairies and thought the details of her dress, the wreath and her wings were amazing more such a small statue.
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