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Dhruti Patel, Braxtyn Mikesell

This is a sculpture made by Michael Angelo. This sculpture looks very realistic and lifelike. It even looks like he has real eyes. His arms are also very realistic.
This drawing was made with a lot of detail. This feast they are having looks religious. It is very realistic.It looks very real because of the way they look like they are talking to each other.
This drawing looks very realistic because of all the detail they have in the anatomy of the person. You can clearly see all the parts of the human with just this one drawing.
This outstretched arm look very realistic. All the wrinkles and the shapes of this arm makes it look very real. The arms also look like they are reaching out to get something.
This sculpture looks very realistic because you can the details of the arms and legs very clearly.This person also looks like he just came back after fighting in a war.
In this drawing you can see the hair is very detailed and it looks like it is real with all those strands. His eyes also look very realistic and that he is looking at something.
This painting looks very realistic and 3-dimensional. It looks like they are getting ready to do something. It is very real and lifelike.
This painting looks realistic. This little family looks like they are mourning for someone. In the frame, it looks like there are tiny little heads all looking at each other.
This painting has a variety of color in it. It is very realistic and the woman's color really pops against all the other colors. It looks like people doing their everyday routines.
This is a drawing by Albrecht Dürer. In fact it looks like a lot of angels blowing on trumpets. This is a painting that does not look realistic. There is a lot of detail in this picture.
Credits: All media
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