Winter Wonderland

The exhibition "Winter Wonderland" shows artworks of snow and a winter theme. As you view the collection you should feel a sense of serenity and calmness as the artworks represent the crisp, clean environment of the snow filled mountains. These artworks have all been selected from different countries including, Greenland, Canada and Korea but they all relate to the same theme of winter and serenity. The artworks in the exhibit relate to each other because they all represent an image of a snow filled, winter landscape. The artworks chosen are mostly trees covered in white frost which would have to have been created using ink as the work is so intricate it would be impossible to do with a normal paint brush. I have chosen the theme of “Winter Wonderland” as it personally relates to me and my life with all the time I have spent at the snowy mountains in New South Wales. Having been lucky enough to witness the beautiful landscape of the snowy mountains I have created this exhibition to bring this sense of enjoyment and enlighten people who have never seen snow on how beautiful it can be. I hope you take the time to admire and appreciate these artworks from around the world.

This artwork shows subjective framework.
This artwork shows structural framework.
This artwork shows cultural framework
This artwork shows post modern framework
Credits: All media
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