My five human truths

Literature and art are much closer related than most people realize. While reading, you have images in your head and art can capture that image better than any other medium. It can also represent what messages are portrayed in literature, and that is what I'm doing with these pieces.  

In this piece, the lion has power over the horse because the horse fears the lion. The horse probably got a little too close to the lion or its home. The lion could make the horse go wherever it wants it to because of the fear the horse has for it.
In this piece, a heavenly being is appearing to a large group of people. There is great fear shown in many of the peoples faces. Right now, they would do anything that he tells them to do because of his fear invoked power.
In this work, a woman is telling another woman's fortune. The other woman is looking away and looks as if she wants to ignore her future because of something the fortune teller is telling her. This is just like the Jews when they ignored all of the warnings that were given to them because of their bad news.
In the left of this picture, there is a storm that is coming. The woman in this piece is warning the man about the storm but the man looks like he is not listening because he wants to finish working and this is putting him in danger.
A huntsman and his dog must learn to trust each other because they are constantly working together. They are also probably very close friends because they work together so often and rely on each other.
This is a chain of blinded men due to gas poisoning. They are all relying on the person at the front of the line because they cannot see. It is not clear who is friend or foe but the soldiers do not care and I'm sure would not care even after the experience because they have become unified.
These thieves are probably robbing this man because they are in a dire situation and they desperately need money. I'm sure they did not start out as bad people, but became bad when they faced a certain amount of strain.
Dogs are not usually violent, but they are attacking each other because they are starving. If you look at their stomachs, you can see that they are very thin, and there are bits and pieces of food on the ground that they are fighting over. This shows how desperate times call for desperate measures.
This man looks like he has been greatly effected by war and so he is probably not bothered all that much by the dead and wounded bodies around him. He is in war grounds and does not seemed bothered at all by the gruesome sights surrounding him because he has been desensitized to them.
Any inexperienced person that saw this in real life would probably look away and might even get sick to the stomach because of it, but these nurses seem to not be bothered at all by being around and even inspecting the naked and starved men around them.
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