When you think of China, most people think of the great wall of china within their first few thoughts. This might as well describe their past and present culture.
China isn't as far behind in being "modern" for lack of a better term than we think it is. This scene proves just that.
Music is a very important part of any culture. These are chime stones which were used way back when.
Rice is obviously another thing people think of when they think of China. Rice is not only eaten with Chinese cuisine, but also grown there.
Games are how people interact with each other. Mahjong is a game played by people all around the world now, even if one of its first homes was China.
I picked this because it's really neat and demonstrates creativity.
Again, music. Music is jut a big part of my life and so seeing other people playing music and taking it seriously is neat.
So I thought this was really interesting. These are prayer beads used by Buddhists to count recitations of prayers and mantras.
This is the outside of a temple in a village somewhere in China. It's really neat to see religions expressed into architecture.
This is a temple where monks pray, yet another form of religion in China.
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