The Use of Color in Art

The Use of Color

I chose this image for my gallery because of how the color creates the composition. The lack of detail is made up for by the arrangements of solid colors that make up the scene.
The artist used simultaneous contrast to accentuate the face of the screaming man. The alternation of yellow, orange, and red allows for the painting to have depth when put on top of the darker colors. 
I chose this piece because I liked how the use of color created a very cubic texture. The use of red and yellow on the bottom gives the image a break fro the blue and gives a nice contrast.
This image caught my eye because of the multitude of colors. The way they are used creates a very chaotic scene. 
I chose this image because of how the colors make the subject pop out. The use of the bright background mixed with the slightly darker foreground allows for a nice contrast.
In this image the use of color is a little more subtle. The artist used a darker less colorful background coupled with shading to allow for the red apples to standout more.
In this image the colors make the composition. Though not detailed, through the women in the image are easily recognizable through the artist's arrangement of the color. 
The use of color in this image adds an elements of shading. since shadows are not actually black the artist used dark purples and greens. This is an exaggerated depiction of natural light. 
I chose this image because the outside border is particularly eye catching. The bright green catches the attention and the fading into darker colors draws the eye to the center to the dark mass.
This image is mostly made up of shades of blue. These shades create the illusion of depth in the image. There are placements of yellow throughout the image that provide a nice contrast to the blue.
In this image the use of color really brings out the subjects of the image. The use if the blue background provides a simultaneous contrast with the soldiers dressed in orange. 
In this image the use of color highlights the subject and makes her standout from the background. The contrast of the red against the green background makes the woman a good focal point. 
I chose this image because of its interesting pattern of colors. The way that the artist alternated the light and dark colors and the density of colors gives the illusion of depth. 
In this image the use of colors allows for shading as well as the illusion of depth. The dark blue in the background provides a good contrast that allows the subject to standout. 
I chose this image because I like the way the use of color causes the virgin to be the center of attention. The dark edges getting gradually lighter towards the center. The yellow glow that surrounds the virgin allows for her to pop out of the image.
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