Perspective of nature

I very much enjoy nature and the different looks that nature can have at different times. The different times of day, weather condition, and the different ways that a scene is painted can very much change the feel of a nature scene.

This painting by Thomas Cole is an oil painting of Niagara Falls done around 1829-1830. To me this seems to have an impressionistic look to it.
This is a nice painting of a house on a cliff by the bay of San Francisco. It seems to be high tide for the waves are pretty rough and are creating a steam/fog in the area.
This is a great picture of a mountain in the far distance. This kind of reminds me of the lonely mountains scene in the Hobbit.
This is a fantastic scene of Yosemite Valley during a sunset. Just capturing a scene is good, but the time it was captured is what caught my attention.
This is a nice scene of a lake around what seems to be early day to me. The location is what caught my attention. I like the look of the 2 islands separated by water.
This is a nice scene of a few trees and a lake in the background. I like this piece because of the rock with a person in front of it. There is so much detail in there.
This is a picture of a nice landscape with the ocean in the background and an old tower in the foreground. I love the color contrast of the tower being darker than the coast.
This is yet another picture of a tall mountain with a forrest scene. This one is different to me because the mountain looks almost like an unscalable wall.
This is a nice forrest scene with the clouds parting letting the sunlight trickle in. The way the sun is being let into the scene grabbed my attention immediately.
This is a nice scene taken out of New York of nature with a bridge. I like the almost marshy look of this piece under a bridge. This is another impressionistic looking piece.
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