Gallery Of Lines Deanna Colon

The linings in this picture are mostly straight. On the wall the artwork is curved kind of like a snake.
I like this one because the lines have sharp edges and the art looks simple but like theres an important meaning behind it.
The buildings in this one re straight lines. And the buldings look like there in a city at night.
I think this one's really cool because to me it looks like a keybored with a whole bunch of little art work paintings on it.
I think this one is cool because I like the different colors and the way they made the lines curvy and straight.
This is cool because the way the colors are just splattered on the white wall interests me and it looks like the paint is dripping down from the wall so it gives it this nice affect.
I like this one because I feel like the story behind anything like this art is meaningful and it has wording it the cross.
To me this one is funny but has nice colors and the lines in it are simple but cool
I like the colors in this one and the way everything is but together on the wall an blends in together is nice.
I like this one because i love alice in wonderland and this is what this painting reminds me of and the way everything is put together on the wall shows the emotions in the painting
I think this elephant is so nice I love the colors put on the elephant and the nice outline of it
I like the multiple colors in this art and the way the lines and shapes are.
This is a confusing painting but that's why i like this painting and because the lines use in this painting are confusing and nice
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