as calm as a sea at night

The theme I have created is called as calm as a sea at night. I have chosen this tittle because I think it really shows how the tittle is related to the pictures. The way that all the pictures have been presented have just shown me how wonderful they really are and that they have lots of meaning behind them this is a reason why I have chosen these pictures as they are very eye catching. I wanted to show how not all animals are not the same and can be different. The 15 pictures I have chosen all have one thing in common that’s they are all natural and are well presented. All these art works  have a very a very special unique look about them and that is how they are so appealing and have good texture, structure and many more. These art works have very similar features as they are all natural, in the outdoor, have fine lines and are all birds. The reason I picked all of these art works is because it is so out there and I think if I was to show these to people I know they will agree with me as they are very eye catching and has a very independent look and they all represent different things.

post modern
Credits: All media
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