Life in the trenches

Ryan Thornberry

Soldiers fighting in the trenches in WWI. These soldiers are on the front lines with their rifles peaking over the side of the trench.
These men are looking through scoped rifles probably trying to track movement of the enemy and firing when they get a chance.
This is a British soldier sending a letter to a family member, wife, girlfriend, or friend. He is not on the frontline but probably will get cycled there soon and he's sending a letter before he goes.
British soldier lifting his helmet up with his gun and seeing if it gets shot. Him doing this will tell him if he can peak from the trench without getting shot or if Germans are watching his position.
German Soldiers reinforcing the trench probably making it more strong. They may be doing this so if the front line gets pushed back to that trench their soldiers will be fighting in a sturdy area.
Painting of armies switching trenches. Some of the soldiers didn't fall back in time and that allowed the new army to massacre the remaining ones.
This picture reminded me that when you pushed up a trench it would be filled with the dead bodies of the opposing army.
British soldiers using respirators in order to breath when enemy gas attacks happen. Some of the soldiers look to have scarves on their mouthes to block the extra holes with a gas mask to big for you.
A soldier on a cannon smiling for a photo. Probably a backup cannon incase the opposing army pushes towards them.
French chefs making food in the trenches that are dirty and gross filled with mud, sweat, and blood of the soldiers who had fallen.
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