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This is not contemporary art but I decided to put this in my art gallery because this painting is one of my favorites. Due to its colors, patterns it makes me feel calm.
I'm really impressed on how the artist used a piece of art so old like the Mona Lisa and turn it into something so original. For example, adding the background with red colors, which contrast with the ones in the portrait.
There is so much going on in this painting. All the figures and lines they caught my attention. As well as for the colors, they are similar but still create a nice impact.
This painting caught my eye because of the colors, they fit so well together and gives you a very nice impression. At first the blue and as it goes down, some bright colors are added, like pink and orange. It almost seems as if the painting was melting.
The style he used is awesome. So simple and with no bright colors. It looks like he used only a black chalk to create a feeling of old and show that it was during night-time. It is very impressive how the faces show feeling of joy.
The title It was "Five O'clock" clearly represents the painting, but gives an impression that the man was either very tired, emotionally or physically.
This painting is very colorful and outstanding. I like all the colors, movement and how there is a lot of detail. The women fit very well together. As for their face expressions, clothing and the materials there are on the table, like, flowers, a purse, an ipad, etc.
The reindeer with human face and different colors is very outstanding and different from the actual painting. I enjoy the way the painting looks very normal but if you look at the details you can notice how the trees have pumpkins, the reindeer a human face and it is dressed, and there are also people with posters that say "pay up Tim" and "Pay your taxes".
It is very creative and the colors are very spontaneous. I like how they decided to paint that in the street, in a neighborhood where it doesn't have many colors.
If you look closer in this painting, you can notice several patterns in which the colors complement each other and create very expressive lines. I enjoy how the artist managed to make all the small details.
This piece of art is very emotional. It is showing so much feeling of sadness. The tears running down her cheek and the dull face expression, gives away a lot of meaning. As for the black woman, maybe in that time, it reflects the sorrow the had.
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