Breanne Kalmink 1

This work is an example of contrast. The blue building in the back is contrasting from pretty much everything else in the picture.
This is an example of human proportion. The woman looks like she is pregnant but her face is very elongated and her legs are very thin. I also feel like her chest is bigger than normal women. She is disproportional against the man standing next to her. 
This vase portrays a pattern of blue sections with flower-like images in the middle of each blue section
This image is an example that has a few focal points for emphasis. The main one however, I think is the house in the top right corner. Another focal point could be the purple flowers or the trees left of the house. 
This work of art is a form of symmetrical balance because one side looks like a mirror image of the other.
This painting is an example of rhythm because of the repeating arches and columns similar to the one in the example of the material being taught.
This art wok is an example of variety because of the sizes of painting. They are all however, relatable because each painting within the painting consists of two people
This work is an example of compositional unity because it has the same colors in the idea but they all contrast from one another. This work seems like one that would be hard to look at for a while.
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