The perspective of all

Perspective pieces of art in display for my Art History class

I chose this image because I liked how the image image landscape has multiple perspectives.
In this painting I liked how the artist showed his version of one-point perspective.
In this image I liked how the focal point of the building perspective points to the central building.
I chose this one because it is an example of how cameras can have different points of focus and that can create multiple perspectives of an image on one landscape.
I like how in this image the concept of the perspective is mutated.
I like the comparison in both of the different perspectives of the same image.
I like how the light contras give bigger detail to the perspectives.
In this image I enjoy the complexity of the form of the different perspectives.
In this image the way that the stairs come out to you though their perspective shows its flow.
I chose this image for its realism though its perspective.
I chose this image because I liked how the stairs flowed from this one-point perspective.
I chose this image because it changes the perspective of the image your mind.
The way that the buildings are in a different perspective compared to the one-point perspective bridge.
I show this image because it shows multiple varies of perception.
I chose this image because it shows infinite depth with in itself.
Credits: All media
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