This gallery has 10 selected images that capture some of the impact of this war on soldiers, civilians and cities.

Bombs also set fire to cities - especially in Japan, Germany and England. This killed civilians and wrecked infrastructure needed to sustain peoples lives.
Survivors of a concentration camp run by the Nazis. Millions of people died in these camps in Germany and surrounding countries.
Air force crew had particularly high rates of injuries and death from injury in WW2
Bombing in WW2 was a major cause of civilian death and injury
Women and children also suffered imprisonment in WW2 - with malnutrition and starvation occurring.
Dead soldiers and damaged food crops - the fighting in Italy was particularly severe and prolonged
Relatives and friends had to suffer bad news from the frontline. Of all countries involved in WW2, Russia had the greatest burden of deaths - and did the most to defeat Nazi Germany.
Russian families suffered in many ways - the loss of men from fighting and then when the German invasion of the Soviet Union destroyed homes and means of livelihood.
Bomb shelters provided some protection - but not when cities caught fire as in the firestorm over the German City of Dresden.
Tens of thousands of people died in this concentration camp that was run by the Nazis. Some were killed outright and others died from malnutrition and disease.
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