Judy GR3-11

These are my favorite paintings that are available on Google Art Project. It is hard to find some of the artists that I most admire.

Dale Chihuly is a Tacoma native so his art is all over the city. He used to send boxes of things to me - books, posters, and some glass!
This painting hung in the hallway opposite my bedroom door. I have been looking at it all my life.
Who doesn't love this painting? When I viewed this on the Google Art project and saw the manic brush strokes I gained a new appreciation for Van Gogh's body of work.
Diego Rivera's work is riveting. Anything he does is very powerful.
Oh, the days on the boat in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Lazy, Hazy and hot.
I do not know how many paintings were created like this one - the galloping horses are depicted inaccurately!
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