Life's a Beach

This gallery is full of anything on or around the beach. It has wildlife and people.

This piece shows a man about to serve a volleyball. His friend and partner is waiting for him. I got drawn to this picture because the pose the man is making reminds me of a pose a greek god would have. A pose that sculptures would have used centuries ago.
This picture is a group of women working to bring in the fishing net. They seem to be part of a tribe.What I found interesting was that all the people were women. In most societies the men do the harder labor.
This image was taken when the US invaded Omaha Beach. It shows soaked men carrying heavy bags as the walk out of the water. I liked the realness in the photo. This was a big day in our nation's history but these soldiers don't know that yet. It reminds me that they attacked the beach hoping they could make it through but knowing it was near impossible to accomplish.
In this picture a group of penguins are sunbathing on the beach. In the background you can see what is left of a shipwreck. The ship was what caught my eye originally. It seemed out of place. Also how the penguins seem at home. This is surprising because of how close the photographer had to get to take the picture.
This piece shows a storm rolling in from a beach view. It also has some sailboats still on the water. The dark sky first drew me to this picture. I imagined the people on the boat and what they must have been thinking when they saw the storm.
This photo shows sailboats coming in for the night. You can see what looks like a lighthouse in the background. The blueness of the water is what attracted me. After taking a closer look I realized how realistic the clouds looked. The artist did a good job of making it feel like you could grab the clouds.
This artwork shows families sitting on the beach. I liked the artwork because of how he did the coloring and outlines of objects. The people and grass aren't perfectly straight are nothing is very defined. You almost have to squint to make out any details. Also none of the families are in bathing suits.
This is a photo of a photo being taken. It shows a model sitting on a tiger. I enjoyed the "something different" aspect of this photo. I have never seen a tiger on a beach like this. Whether the tiger is fake or real doesn't matter, it brings something different.
This photo shows a man trying to give a otter some ice. While the otter takes what he can get out of the bucket full of ice. I liked this picture because it reminds me that we all live on this earth together and have to share it. I also imagined that it was very hot and the man was helping the animal cool down.
This photo show cats waiting on the beach. The man is going to catch something in the bag he is carrying. I think this must be dinner or breakfast time. These cats aren't scared of the water and it seems like they know food is about to come.
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