Conceptual Art

The idea behind this artwork is the concept of individualism as a bottle rack is reformed into a spiral. This is exemplifies installation for it has a lot of content but overshadowed by its spiral form
This provokes thoughts and analysis as if the hands have a purpose or a message for the spectator. Nothing else seems to come to mind except the mystery of the concept.
People must complete the concept of a cube in order to appreciate it's work. It is difficult to identify, but the idea of the cube is what makes this an art
Just like the next artwork, this is a linguistic presentation as much of the content doesn't make sense except for the words revealed at the bottom: "Newton discovering gravity"
This is an example of a linguistic presentation due to the word 'divinity' being the focal point and theme of the artwork
Satellite signals are working at both ends of the artwork. This more so interprets the unique creation instead of emphasizing upon beauty
We do not see much of the faces nor the body, but are directed by their gaze toward the floor, sending a message rather than their head/body be the artwork
Credits: All media
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