Northern Renassiance Paintings

This Painting expressed the more disturbed work of artists at the time. It also showed very much detail.
This painting expressed the working people of the Renaissance time.
Many paintings referred to religion and artists chose to capture the act of people during religious events.
They used lots of detail. We see here the use of the mirror and that it actually mirrored what was in front of it. Which marked a large break through.
Because religion was so large lots of religious paintings were done such as this one. Representing mary her child, and angels.
They created lots of nude paintings due to the study of the body at this time and the creation of naturalism.
During this time there were many paintings done of life in action. This painting shows how people lived and interacted.
Lots of big moments of religion were painted to be remembered. Stories were created through art to show us religion.
The idea of naturalism was very huge during the renaissance. They didnt make the ideal person but what they actually looked liked.
Lots of landscapes were done because of how much detail could be contained in paintings such as this one. artists began to show a lot of tiny details in large art forms.
Credits: All media
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