Individual vs Society

Individuals can, and usually do, live life differently than the rest of society.  In some cases, these individuals will be extremely intelligent, and think that what society is doing is not as productive as they are.  In other cases, these people will be very different than us and can be strange.  Usually in a society, people live together, work together, function with each other, and do similar things.  In this project we will see individuals who may have what they deem as success in "Cat's Cradle" and "Snow Crash", but we will also see others in "Utopia" and "Red Harvest" who use society to achieve their goals.

Dr. Hoenikker, lived an individual lifestyle. He didn't care about others and was quiet and dark. "Father stuck his head out of the window, and looked at Angela and me rolling on the ground bawling, and Frank standing over us, laughing. The old man pulled his head indoors again, and never even asked later what all the fuss had been about. People weren't his speciality" (Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle. p.17) People such as Dr. Hoenikker do not understand social norms because they do not function in society like the rest of us.
Just like in war, after ice-9 was delivered to the whole island, it became barren like a desert. "There were no smells. There was no movement. Every step I took made a gravelly squeak in blue-white frost. And every squeak was echoed loudly. The season of locking was over. The earth was locked up tight. (Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle, p.269) Now those in the book such as Monah and Jonah will have to live individual lives since society no longer exists.
Technology is its own language. Hiro displays here how he is extremely intelligent. He is an individual in society in regard to his ability to work with technology. He has the ability to figure out others information, and steal it. "'Computers speak machine language,' Hiro says. 'It's written in ones and zeros-binary code. At the lowest level, all computers are programmed with strings of ones and zeros. When you program in machine language, you are controlling the computer at its brainstem, the root of its a whole Babel of computer languages has been created for programmers'" (Stephenson, Snow Crash, p.821/1395)
Utopia is a beautiful fantasy land. "The island has 54 cities, all of them large and splendid and having exactly the same language, customs, situations, and laws" (More, Utopia, p.53) Utopia is considered the ideal, perfect place. All of society strives here to work together for the best of one another. Working as an individual will ruin the island, and the well-being of all of the people
In Red Harvest, Pete the Finn, Elihu Wilson, Reno Starkey, Whisper, Chief Noonan, and the main character all met for a meeting. Wilson says, "Things couldn't go the way they were going. We were all sensible men, reasonable men, grown men who had seen enough of the world to know that a man couldn't have everything his own way, no matter who he was. Compromises were things everybody had to make sometimes. To get what he wanted, a man had to give other people what he wanted." (Hammet, Red Harvest, p.147) Realizing that they should try to better society, the men threw away their individual goals and problems.
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