In Camouflage, Lee utilizes the same motif repeated throughout the entire piece, but by changing the color it allows attention to be drawn into the piece.
Javier Mariscal uses a simple chair design overlapped throughout the painting to create a texture.
Lee utilizes the same pattern, differing in color to illustrate a wave- like motion.
Justema utilizes a variation of a similar motif, demonstrating a puzzle- like texture.
Varying sizes of this shape and pattern are formed in this painting, the placement of these geometric tiles draws the eye towards the center of the picture. Utilizing texture to increase intrigue.
Survival Game II, conveys a very distinct pattern, which looks very similar to chromosomal mapping. Makes one question the title.
Lee uses miniature men to illustrate the chase depicted in Catch Me If You Can, placed in a circular motion.
The contrast of color, while maintaining the same pattern creates very intriguing image. Drawing the attention to the center, the artist utilized the principle of emphasis, as well as pattern.
The continuity of the line is quickly interrupted by the change in pattern, creating a chaotic pattern from a calm image.
The simple colors chosen for this pattern, help to mesmerize the audience.
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