Perspective at its best

Perspective examples from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

This painting By Martin Van Meytens have a vanishing point right in the middle of the painting. Dragging your eyes first the the chandelier and then to the table.
In this painting by Filippo, perspective can clearly be seem causing you to direct your eyes attention to the building in the right with the red balconies in the center.
King's Parade, Cambridge by Thomas Malton uses perspective to achieve realism and bringing the building in center to be the focus point of the painting.
Canaletto composed this beautiful painting using perspective to achieve the distance effect.
Perspective Gardens was created by Jacques Rousseau using one point perspective.
This painting known as the Perspective Box Dutch by an unknown artist uses one point perspective.
This piece by Johan Zoffany also uses one point prospective
This painting By Van Delen Dirk uses perspective to accentuate the columns.
Giovanni Migliara utilizes prospective to make the Cathedral the center of attention.
Fra Carnevale used one point perspective in this painting placing the vanishing point right in the middle.
Hendrick Van Vilet used prospective to align the columns and windows.
Eugenio Landesio used one point perspective to align the columns, frames, and doorways.
Giuseppe Canella used one point prospective and placed the vanishing point in the middle of the paint.
Giovanni Migliara used perspective to create the Interior of the Monastery of Altacomba.
Johannes Bosboom created The Pieterskerk in Leiden using one point perspective.
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