Elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. -Fallon Kennedy

This piece of art has a variety of colors. There and dark colors as well as light ones. I see lighter colors in the background of the picture and darker colors in the foreground.
I see multiple lines in this piece of artwork. There are a lot of diagonal lines. There are also lines that make up the squares.
In this picture there is a lot of space in the background. The artist only took up very little space to paint and left the rest blank with nothing on it.
This art work was painted on rocks. So I know that this painting would feel very Text Caption rough and hard. This painting would also feel bumpy.
There are many different values in this picture. There are dark values in the background. There are grayish values in the middle. There are very light values in the foreground and in the front.
This picture has a geometric form to it. It looks 3-D and it looks like it's popping out. There is a lot of shading which makes the picture stand out and make it look 3-D.
This picture has a lot of shapes. I see squares that make up a grid. There are also a variety of different shapes in the squares. There are flowers, circles, ect. The shapes make the artwork look 2-D.
Credits: All media
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