after the renaissance

This painting was made by Leonardo Di Vinci. Leonardo Di Vinci was a man who did his self portraits.
The artist is Paolo Veronese. The identity of this man is a mystery. No one knows who was in the painting. Some thought it could have been a self portrait.
This painting was made by Paolo Veronese. There's not much about this painting though.
This says that this portrait was painted in the manner of Veronese. There's not much known about the person in the painting.
The Dream of Saint Helena was made by Paolo Veronese. Saint Helena's vision of the true cross is represented by two angels with the red cross appearing to her as she sleeps.
This sculpture was made by Donatello. Donatello made this for The Boni Family.
The Adoration of the Magi is by Sandro Botticelli. Sandro Botticelli , a Florentine, painted several versions of the theme of the Adoration of the Magi.
This is an oil portrait of Smeralda Bandinelli, made by Sandro Botticelli.
The artist who painted this man in the painting was Sandro Botticelli. This painting is called Guiliano de' Medici
The artist is Botticelli. This is one of the most celebrated paintings in the Robert Lehman collection.
Filippo Lippi and Fra angelico made this painting together. This lightly colored richly decorated presents a splendid vision of the arrival of the Magi.
The painting Scenes from the Lives of the Early Fathers was painted by Fra Angelico. In the fourteenth century Italy's new interest grew in the life of early humans in the desserts of Egypt.
The Madonna and Child belongs to the museum's small group of Italians paintings.
The Apostle Saint James the Greater Freeing the Magician Hermogenes was painted by Fra Agelico. Fra Angelico acquired his nickname not long after his death.
This picture is about the Saint Anthony Abbot Shunning the Mass of Gold. He is shunning the gold because it is not important to him.
The painting Triptic was painted by the artist Andrea Mantegnal. Vasari in the second edition of the lives 1568states that the three panels begun in 1464.
The painting Cardinal Ldovico Trevisano was painted by Andrea Mantegna. Andrea Mantegna was a North Italian Renaissance painter.