Perspective Of love 

This gallery includes pieces of art by artist such as George Romney, Raphael, and Agnolo Bronzino. Taking a closer look at the way each way the artist are showing their own version of love with in their art work. 

Farewell Of Mary Stuart by George Romney depicts the between two women in a kinda of mourning state. If you look around the two women and look at all of the people behind them, a lot of their heads are bent down and shadowed as the mourn with the women.
Two Lovers (Man Awakening from a Dream) by George Romney depicts a man opening up to a women who clearly loves him and is willing to listen to what he has to say without judging him. Even though the women's face is turned away in the drawing, you can still tell she is interested in what he is saying just by the way her body is leaning towards the man. You can also tell the man is willing to spill his heart out to her by the way he is leaning back with his hand over his forehead.
The Alba Madonna by Raphael depicts a mother with her two children in a loving embrace. You can tell that the mother lovers her children by the way she is letting the youngest one sit in her lap and the other is sitting on the ground beside her with her arm around him. You can always tell by the looks on the children's face that they also love each other. The angle of the eyes and looks on the faces depicts the love between a mother and children and the love between the siblings.
A Young Woman and Her Little Boy by Agnolo Bronzino depicts a women and her children in a protect stance. The young women looks to be royalty by her head dress and the color clothing she is wearing. The little boy is painted behind the mother with half of his face hidden in the shadows. You can also tell that the mother loves her son by the way she has one arm around him and the other holding a his toy in front of her.
The Railway by Edouard Manet depicts a mother and a daughter enjoying their day outdoors. You an see the daughter reaching out to her mother in a loving gesture. Even though her face is turned away from in the painting, you can still tell the daughter loves her mother by the way he hand extended.
The Dancing Couple by Jan Steen depicts a young couple enjoying themselves at a gathering with friends/family, music, food, and wine. By looking at the painting, you can clearly see how happy the man is to be able to have the beautiful young woman but by looking at the women, you can clearly see, by the way that the women is standing some what distance from the man, that she does not share the same interest in him and he does to her.
Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son by Claude Monet depicts a woman and her child enjoying the outdoors. Even though their faces are shadowed by the fact that the sun is clearly behind them in the photo, you can clearly see that the women is having fun with her son outside.
Madonna and Child by Francesco Solimena depicts a young woman and her new born child. Even though the child's face is hidden in the shadows, you can see that he admires his mother by the way he is reaching out his hand to touch her face. You can also tell that the mother loves her child by the way she is cleaning him up with one hand supporting his head and the other delicately wiping him down.
Mischa Elman Playing the Violin by Solomon depicts the love a young man has for paying music. You can clearly see that this man enjoys playing music by the dream like look upon his face when he is playing his violin.
Night Looking Upon Sleep Her Beloved Child (II) by Simeon Solomon depicts a woman and her son in a dreamlike state. You clearly see that the women is enjoying having her son by her side when she is sleeping by the peaceful look upon her face.
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