The rural farmland

I chose artwork of farmland because I grew up on a farm and think farmland is so beautiful because of the wide open fields. When seeing art of farms, I can imagine the fresh smell of the rural air, as if I were there. I think sunsets in an open field on a farm with barns in the distance are breathtaking to see, whether in artwork or in person. There is so much freedom you feel when in a large sweeping space, such as a farm. 

This photo is a beautiful landscape. It reminds me of the farm I grew up on because you can see the horizon in the distance. When you stand on a hill or at an angle, you can see all the countryside.
In this painting, you get the sense of watching a farmer harvest his crops. Farming is a job that lasts from sunrise to sunset. I like how this artist captured this farmer at a hidden distance to show how hardworking agriculture can be.
This artwork comes from behind the farmland, as if the artist was in a boat or on the shoreline of the pond. The artist captured the peaceful nature of a farm well. Another great quality of this piece is the fact that it shows that farming does not only include crops, but livestock as well.
Farmland from an airplane is possibly one of the most beautiful scenes one can see. The colors and geometric view are very interesting and can leave you guessing what is farmed in which field. This sight is one I look forward to every time I fly somewhere.
This aerial photo gives me a sense of freedom because of all the wide open space in the fields. I like how this artist has the photo in black and white so the contrast in color of the fields is really eye-catching. Also, there are obvious elements of art are visible in this photo, one being the deep vertical lines representing the rows of crops.
The color of this work of art is absolutely stunning. Texture of thick grass is visible in the field to the right. This artist practices old-fashioned transportation, such as horse and buggy. I love how the bright white barn is in the distance. The artist captured this shot from an interesting viewpoint; I like how the road goes from close to far away and slowly fades into the distance.
This photo reminds me of working on my family farm during the summer, harvesting hay. The artist captured two hardworking farm hands stacking the hay bales. The photo is in black and white, so the viewer cannot tell the weather condition, but it's most likely a hot summer day with some clouds in the background, as those are the usual conditions for harvesting hay. I enjoy seeing artwork that reminds me of my childhood, such as this one.
This painting is full of different tone and shades of color. The artist emphasized how fields vary in color depending on the amount of light shining on them. The fields further away obviously have more cloud cover above them than the ones closer to where the artist is supposed to be standing. There is also a sense freedom and fresh air with the clear blue sky in the background.
This painting seems realistic, as if you were standing in the field looking upon the hillside. The barns look old and faded like they have been there for years. The red color of the barns stick out in the painting, since everything else is green/yellow. There is visible texture in the grass and sides of the barn. The trees in the background also stick out because of its cluster. This reminds me of glancing way back in the fields at my home. The artist most likely painted this scene as the sun was shining because of the suns reflection on the grass.
This artist emphasizes on the sunset in the sky. The dark clouds are coming in and the orange/red sun is slowly setting. When I first saw this painting, I got a warm and comforting feeling when glancing at the sky. It reminds me of looking into the fields at my home during sunset and remembering the accomplishments of that day.
Credits: All media
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