the different perspective's of art

I chose this painting because it makes you feel like the building is taller than it really is. It's perspective makes me feel like I am a little spec in this big building.
The color of this painting draws me in. The was Jenaro Pérez Villaamil paints the sunlight drop on this is incredible.
I was really blown away to learn that Georges Seurat used dots to make this entire painting! I was able to see the dots up close with the zoom on this site and the results are just amazing!
I really love the detail in this picture. The perspective lets us look far out in the distance as if this was a huge field.
I love how this is a beach setting. I do however wonder why is that man in suit and tie laying down in the sand like he is taking a nap.
I like the colors for the sky in this painting
I like how this painting uses the perspective to show a bunch of people in a room
This painting gives me a relaxing feelings. It draws me in and makes me want to sit in the class right next to them.
I love how Casa Maso have such a realistic look to this painting. From a distance, it makes me feel like Im there looking at the scenery.
This painting was very interesting to me. I am no sure if it is the cows, the style of painting or the mini perspective scenery in the background.
This painting is one of my favorites. There is a lot of beauty here. It also looks very realistic.
I love this painting. There is so much detail here, you wonder how he did it. I zoomed up real close to the main building and I saw horses. I think that is amazing!
The reason I chose this painting is because I admired the perspective on the building giving it a 3d look going backwards.
This painting does not have as much perspective as most of the others but I love how colorful it is. With a touch of realism of the lighting for the time of day.
I really like the perspective in this paining. I was able to zoom and see the ships closer and the detail on the columns
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