7th grade research (Francisco DE Goya)

     For my project I chose Francisco Goya and I will be telling you about him and hes paintings that he did.          Francisco Goya was born on March 30th, 1746. He was born in the romanticism period. He painted a series of black paintings. He was known for paintings his scenes of violence, especially those prompt to the French invasion of Spain. Two of his masterpieces are the Naked Maja and the Clothed Maja. He also painted portraits like the Senora Sabasa Garcia. Francisco painted a series of etchings Los desastres de la guerra. Francisco's paintings were called the threshing floor, the portrait of the king fernando vii, the forge, the repentant st. peter, the boy on a ram, the bullfight, the dream of st. joesph, venus and adonis, the protrait of the king carlos iv and the portrait of the matador pedro romero. Those are all the paintings and drawing that are in my slideshow. Francisco De Goya died on April 

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