Structure and Order in Cities

In both Jacob's, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" and Hammett's "Red Harvest" there are ample examples of how structure and order in cities play a key role in the success of that city.  It is necessary to take into account the way in which a city is structured such as the use of sidewalks and parks to create a safe and orderly environment. Along with the actual structure of the city, there is the necessity for order by means of law. Enforcement of laws in cities ensure the safety of citizens and promotes a peaceful and effective environment. The success and peacefulness of a city is dependent on many factors. Whether it be structure by means of the design and layout of the city, or order kept by laws and peacekeepers. All of these factors play an important role in whether or not the city is thriving. 

The police forces are active peacekeepers of cities and work dangerously to solve crimes, ensure safety and bring justice. "A load of coppers buzzed past, throwing lead at the first car" (Hammett 111).
Structure of cities and the placement of sidewalks offer safety for pedestrians. The way in which a city is structured is vital to the success of the city. "To keep the city safe is a fundamental task of a city's streets and its sidewalks" (Jacobs 30).
A main problem that causes an unsuccessful city is crime. Laws are required in cities to keep people safe. "Don Wilson's gone to sit on the right hand of God, if God don't mind looking at the bullet holes" (Hammett 6).
"One of McGrath's aims is to encourage greater efficiency of public transportation" (Jacob 366). A more structured form of transportation in the cities today will lead to more success. There will be less automotive engines which are cleaner and quieter and there will be less traffic.
A problem often faced in cities is corruption, which can lead to an unsuccessful city. Similar to in "Red Harvest" where characters succumb to gangs and violence in the city, the women succumb to reckless ways.
Even though the goal of a successful city is to avoid crime, there are still instances in which people are in need of protection. If there is no force of protection, people may use their own measures to ensure their own safety, such as a bullet-resistant mask.
In "Red Harvest", page 35, when the girl is receiving her payment and is asked to consider "Safety", she is only concerned with money and disregards her own safety. Drive for money often leads to destruction in society.
"Successful unslumming means that enough people must have an attachment to the slum that they wish to stay" (Jacobs 287). Enough people in the lower class are able to come together to create a structure that is an effective asset to the city.
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