On Bended Knee

My theme is based on the renaissance and works of art from that era that represent or reflect images of the most high.This gallery includes representations of Jesus Christ and biblical icons.

Christ and the woman of Samaria depicts Jesus sitting at the well of Jacob tired and asking A Samarian woman for a drink. The paintings focal point is the discussion between them.
This picture depicts the baptism of Christ by John The Baptist.The focal point in this painting is on Jesus he is shown as God and man.
This particular painting is done after the Renaissance but fits in my theme perfectly. It shows from spectators view of the last supper it shows the emotion and confusion of this last dinner.
To me this painting depicts Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden. It takes a perspective view of them being tempted by the serpent.Showing them falling from grace
In this painting of the Holy Family it shows Mary,Joesph & Baby Jesus. It looks as if the parents are in aw or paying reverence to the new born king.
This picture depicts Jesus' ride into Jerusalem. The people praising and worshiping him as he makes his way.The focal point is on the the man on bended knee laying a path of olive branches.
This showing Jesus earthly body being laid to rest. Mary and the disciples.Still standing by his side praying. This from perspective view
This is a different piece broke down into sections not a typical canvas.giving you a full view of the adoration given to baby Jesus
This shows Jesus being worshiped by Mary & Martha .It depicts a frontal view of him taking there sorrows away making them his own while he blesses his worshipers.
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