Elements of Art

Emily Giglio

This picture shows line by all the lines the artist used. If you look closer you can see the lines used by a pencil or thin brush.
In this picture shape is used by all the shapes that make up the people in the image. Some shapes in this are squares, rectangles, and triangles.
This picture shows form by showing height, width and depth. You can look around this vase and see the height, width, and depth.
Value is used by the darkness and lightness in the teacups. Some teacups are a darker black/grey and some are a lighter black/grey.
This object shows space. Negative space is used around the object which is the black area. Positive space is used by the object itself.
This Hare shows texture by the artist making it look like a real hare. But most of all the artist captures the texture in the hare like a real one.
Color is used in this picture by the hue of blue. Value is used to create a lighter and darker blue in different areas. this picture shows low and high intensity depending on where you look.
Credits: All media
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