Does It Matter?

By: Tenisha M.

Existential: The King in this picture begins to realize that nothing matters anymore. Everything means nothing including the meeting he is in and he decides that he is tired of being King and is tired of wearing his meaningless crown.
This picture represents Nihilism because a true Nihilist only has the impulse to destroy. In the photo there is nothing but 1 building and many other destroyed buildings and their ruins.
This is my contrast photo because in the picture the man has reached what seems to be his existential crisis but the people around him won't let him give up on himself. This reveals that even when you feel meaningless others will show support and show that they care.
This photo represents Absurdism because the people are trying to lift this picture up but they are not successful. Also, if they ever lift the picture up completely it will not be able to stand on its own and it will fall right back down.
Credits: All media
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