Does It Matter? 

Shantay S Period 3

"Fishing Alone" by Gang Hui-maeng portrays existentialism by the man being on a river bank alone, which is an activity people often do with others.
Alone by Alexey and Surgey Tkachev portrays Nihilism by the man sitting in front of a mess but instead of fixing the mess, he smokes. This shows his lack of morals.
Adam and Eve by Yim, Man Hyeok portrays Absurdism by the young boy facing the camera despite the ruckus happening behind him. The boy can symbolize a god figure's indifference to life's events.
This work of art opposes the 3 theories because it shows a man in a church. I made the inference he attributes his decisions to God, therefore believes in him and has morals. It also shows absolutism.
Credits: All media
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