Exposition du Saint-Espri

This is an exhibit of the Holy Spirit. Every piece of artwork is a visual representation of who He is and where His presence appears in stories of the Bible, and even how this may relate to our own lives.

The Holy Spirit, since the days of Noah, has appeared as a dove. Here the girl is cradling the dove, and keeping it quite close to her heart. This represents the relationship and intimacy He wants to share with all of us.
In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit did not reside within man, so men of that time had to search for divine guidance outside of themselves, but still with Him. Here He is shown as a dove again, but descending from heaven. This represents how He is the mouthpiece for God.
This is a vessel fashioned of gold for the Hebrew celebration of the Passover. This is a piece that is used in commemoration of the Hebrew lives the Holy Spirit preserved for their obedience. He was the spirit which passed over the land in the tenth plague of Egypt.
This is a monumental moment for mankind. Here, the Holy Spirit is represented by the flame as He has appeared before as fire (Moses and the burning bush in Exodus3:2) Like Moses, before Mary became impregnated by the Holy Spirit as Gabriel the angel prophesied to her, man never had Him within. Jesus was who he was because he was fully man, and fully obedient to the Spirit within him.
These are relics of Jesus' life. Again, he learned obedience [to the Holy Spirit] through what he suffered. The evidence of his miracles were made possible through the Spirit. This is how He showed people that Jesus found favor with God through strict obedience to the voice of the Spirit.
Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, knew that someone greater than he would come, and when he did, John thought he was not worthy to baptize him. Jesus humbled himself and said this is what the Lord wants, this is what needs to be done to fulfill their destiny. The heavens opened, and God spoke [through the Holy Spirit] to witness that Jesus is His son, and he is delighted in him for his obedience.
This sketch serves as representation that Jesus too was a mere man. He even says that we [who are obedient to the Spirit] will do greater works than he.
Jesus' followers and disciples loved him, and mourned his crucifixion. He cried for his people saying that they had no shepherd to lead them [as the Holy Spirit had lead him] because they didn't have the Spirit within them. He told Jesus his crucifixion would bring this to the people. He told his followers to not fear or be sad because he will send a "great comforter" to be with them. His death sent the Spirit to be within them and be their comfort.
Ironically, I have placed a representation of Genesis last--but for good reason. This is a contemporary pastor who, from his sheer emotions and those of his congregation, you can tell he is filled and inspired by the Holy Spirit. When this happens, you want to jump up and scream with joy, and share what you know with all around you. Secondly, it is important to know that God has never walked on Earth. "In the beginning " as this pastor so strongly illustrates, "God created..." As the mouthpiece and workmate for the Almighty, the Holy Spirit obeyed God, and created the Earth in the beginning.
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