Absorbed in nature

Nature is a beautiful and confusing thing in the eyes of many. Art truly brings to light all the mysteries that are hidden within just with a single photo, painting, drawing, etc.. I chose to do the theme of nature because it truly moves me. 

This captivating oil painting is remarkable in my eyes. It goes to show how that no matter how much man kind may interfere with the way things should be naturally, nature will always run it's course.
Though man may be able to construct things made of nature itself, it will always subdue and surpass all that is man made, even if that means destroying everything to start again.(biblical reference)
This piece makes me feel at piece. Which is the main reason I included it in the exhibition. Nature isn't necessarily limited to that of this planet; some people consider the moon, stars, and galaxy.
Nature is relentless. In this oil painting that is clearly shown. Though some may try to resist nature's will, many fail. This piece also shows how vast and enormous nature itself is.
Many naturalists believe that life to the fullest extent, can be taught from nature. The qualities of being a good person, from right, from wrong. Even things as trivial as the meanings of life itself.
In today's world it seems as though the vast majority of people take nature for granted. When, in reality, they should worship nature wholeheartedly. Nature is life, so it saddens me to see people trample over it.
Some may argue that plants, dirt and oceans are only nature. This is not all true, every living being/animal on this planet is just as beautiful as the other because it has a purpose.
A piece such as this is simple, yes. However, it makes me glad to see people take the time of day to paint something so unique as fruits and vegetables themselves. Nature at it's simplest.
Credits: All media
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