Xavier flores Value gallery

In this gallery it would represent value and also it would have all sort of of descriptions that would show the meaning of value.

In this picture it shows low contrast because in the picture the colors are very light so it represents low contrast. Also low contrast means that the value is very light so you could see the picture much more better.
In this portrait it shows high contrast because in the right side it is very dark so you cannot see anything in the image and also in the bottom it is dark as well. Also this picture represents high contrast because there are a lot of dark colors that are represented in this picture.
This picture reprseents balance because it is even on both sides of the artwork so we call that balance value. Also in this picture it has a lot of dark colors which makes it even out in the photo.
In this picture it has unbalanced value because it does not have a lot of light colors it is mixed in some of the areas in the painting. Also in this picture ther are some dark colors and light colors wich shows unbalanced value.
I picked this picture because it represents cast shadows because in the side eof the figure it has a shadow that looks like the figure is three dimensional. Also it represents cast shadows because it has a lot of shadows that it has some dark parts that makes the shadow.
This picture is a atmosphereic perspective because it shows a light color that represents the values that are around the painting. Also it is atmosphereic perspective because it creates a illusion that shows space.
I picked this picture because it represemts chiasroscuro because the background is dark because it increases the contrst of the picture. Also because it shows it shows the lady at the table much more better.
I picked this artwork because it represents volumetric value because some of the items look 3d. Also because there are items that are two dimensional and it look like it is 3d.
I picked this artwwork because it represents attached shadows because it shows a shadow in the side of the face. Also that shadowo makes the face look three dimensional so it has a attached shadow to the picture.
In this picture it represents value scale because it gets lighter then it starts to get lighter in some parts. Also I thought that this picture shows a deeper feeling because it starrts to get darker.
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