Color Schemes 

Primary, Secondary, Complementary, Monochromatic, Black & White, Analogous, Cool colors, Warm colors.

Primary: The combination of red, blue, & yellow give the work a busy and instant burst of color. Even though the work is busy the colors work together creating a sense of unity.
Secondary: The light combination of orange, purple, & green give the work a calm & soothing feel to it but yet the colors give it a sense of life & realism.
Complementary: This work is put together in unity by the combination of the complementary colors, blue & orange. The tinted shades of both colors are put together giving the work a sense of calmness.
Monochromatic: The tints & shades of red in this work are put together evenly giving the work unity.
Black & White: The black & white used are both used evenly where there is an even amount of negative & positive space.
Analogous: This work contains the colors blue, orange red, and blue green all used evenly. The colors used in this work give the viewer a calm, relaxing feel.
Cool: The dark blues and greens used in this work give the work the emotion of sadness and dullness. Even though the colors are dull, they all work together in unity.
Warm: The red tints & shades along with the purple & black colors give the work a warm, bright feel.
Credits: All media
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