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Rural-Landscape Theme by Jose Rivera

I chose this one because it's realistic and shows a peaceful and free place.
This one I found interesting because it displays homes by bodies of water and the painting was good for it.Very detailed.
I chose this one because It's a very old style but very good photograph that is surprisingly vivid in color for it's time.
This painting is extremely detailed and you can see for yourself when you look closely. It's just very well done and fits with the theme.
I like this one because it shows people enjoying their time away from all the stress from cities. Grass is nicely detailed.
This one portrays an open landscape that looks very peaceful.
This place looks very rainy and wet which a lot of people surprisingly, including me find it really comforting.
This goes good with the theme of rural and portrays much simpler times of life.
This is another realistic looking piece that just shows people relaxing which is interesting to me.
This I think is my favorite because it's so detailed and again has people relaxing. It reminds of how much simpler life was and easier. I want us to be like this again sometime in the future because we all need it.
Credits: All media
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