Flower blossom: Jihun im

The theme of my gallery is flower in nature combining with various elements of art, especially, texture. In my gallery, I want to capture and deliver colorful life, passion, and dream to bloom to everyone in the world. Flower is suitable for this because it can be used in variety of ways in our life and expressed in various textures in art. In addition, It can be loved in various ages from young to old regardless of men and women.

In this picture, two little girls with blond hair wearing white dresses are picking flowers in the garden. This artist used physical texture and it conveys the physical and emotional energy visually.
The colorful flowers in the vase and fruits in front of a river is depicted in this picture. It is expressed by optical texture to create the illusion of texture. It looks alive and conveys colorful displays.
In this picture, there are white, pink, red and orange flowers in the vase. Visible brushstrokes and excessive use of paint created a texture that adds to the expressiveness of a painting, and draw attention to flowers within it.
In this small demonstration painting you can see the techniques employed to use of physical texture. The blue color makes orange flower looks good and gives powerful impression. The flower on the orange flower seems like a bursting bud.
There are four red Cyclamen flowers which include faces of children on the white background. It is painted by watercolor to show the delicate feeling. The children's face represents childlike innocence and fresh atmosphere.
In this painting, there are many flowers like pattern on the blue background. This artist expresses these flowers by creating a compositional pattern of lines. It conveys dreamlike atmosphere with colorful drops.
This painting expresses flowers colorfully in the vase on the table. These flowers are yellow, red and pink used physical texture. The colorful background also represents energetic atmosphere in this picture.
In this painting, there are strong color of flowers. This technique using optical texture formed quiet dark atmosphere, and it makes white flowers to stand out. This painting conveys strong impressions to each flowers.
In this painting, there are some purple flowers having dark green stems on the brown background. This artist used physical texture and it conveys the moods of the flowers that wants to bloom well.
In this painting, some flowers are depicted by red and yellow colors. It looks like some patterns, and this artist used physical texture. The flowers on the wall looks like scribble on the wall, and it gives pure delight feeling like child.
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